As novas Masterclass da IFCN

Vimos por este meio anunciar uma nova série de Webinares promovidos pela IFCN numa tentativa de dar resposta aos pedidos de material educativo de maior qualidade que esteja disponível online.


Deixamos em baixo a mensagem do Professor Walter Paulus, actual Presidente da IFCN.



Our new series of webinars, Masterclass by IFCN, has premiered to great success. Our first two lectures can be viewed on our website if you were not able to join us live. But now it’s time to mark your calendar and register for our next presentation on Saturday 5 December 2020 at 6:00 PM EST. Professor David Burke will present Action Potential Generation and Intermittent Conduction Block in Myelinated Axons.

Intricate mechanisms have evolved such that axons can conduct impulse trains securely, but the fine details differ for sensory and motor axons. It is a theme of this talk that motor axons are more likely to block than sensory for the same insult and that, in critically impaired axons, normally innocuous manoeuvres can precipitate conduction block. We have identified three differences between sensory and motor axons. (i) The resting membrane potential of sensory axons seems to be about 4 mV more depolarised than for motor axons. (ii) There is a greater persistent Na+ current on sensory axons than motor, probably due to the difference in resting membrane potential. (iii) There is greater activity of HCN channels (hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels) on sensory axons than motor, such that activity causes greater hyperpolarization for motor axons than sensory. These differences render sensory axons more excitable than motor, and more prone to ectopic activity. However, they also offer some protection against conduction block. Fluctuation in the ability to conduct can produce a fluctuating deficit if a sufficient number of axons is affected.
The Masterclass by IFCN presentations were created in response to a call from IFCN members societies for more high quality, complimentary, online educational content. The series will provide a new presentation every month from top clinical neurophysiologists around the world, and each will include time for discussion with the lecturer following the presentation.
Providing the best in contemporary clinical neurophysiology education delivered in the most optimal format is the primary educational goal of the IFCN.  As such, Masterclass by IFCN will be available complimentary to all registrants.
Registration is now open. The Masterclass by IFCN series have been organized on, a very easy-to-use webinar application. Please allow yourself 5 – 10 minutes to get set up if you have never used this platform.
I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 5 December 2020 at 6:00 PM EST.
Professor Walter Paulus
IFCN President

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